Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Install PlayStore, final solution

Install PlayStore, final solution for Android

Knowing the importance of installing PlayStore on your mobile device, for installation of millions of applications that this provides, free and paid applications.
Already mentioned in our previous post “how to install PlayStore without being root“, we had countless comments, between good and bad, some problems some users who followed step by step how to install PlayStore.
Some errors such as “I do not open the application”, “do not install applications”, “Sorry. Google PlayStore Application stopped.”Among other errors mentioned by readers of this blog.
Now in this new theme we will give solution to the errors, so “Install PlayStore without errors” requirement for this is “root access to the device.” I tend clear that in this issue, “not teach to take root acces”, there are many videos, tutorials you can find to give root access to your specific model.
Once your mobile phone has root access, we will download two applications to help us:
– Aptoide
– Link2SD
* I recommend using SuperSU Free “for root permissions”
Now we will explain step by step how to install PlayStore is our device.
1. To begin the installation of PlayStore, first go to “Settings”
2. We went to the “General” tab and then “Security”
3. slipped up “unknown Origins”
4. We press “OK”
5. Then go to your browser.
6. You type “”
7. Once inside the “Install Aptoide” page
8. Execute Aptoide as pictured in download
9. Press “Next”
10. Press “Install”
11. We hope to install
12. Now open the application Aptoide
13. Once inside we avoid dialogue “SKIP”
14. We “Link2SD” This application will allow us to move applications to the “System Memory”
15. Install the application as pictured
16. We root permissions as pictured
17. Install Link2SD
18. We hope to install and close
19. We return again and look Aptoide “Google PlayStore”
20. Select “Install”
21. Select “Next”, We hope to install “Google PlayStore”, We now have everything installed “PlayStore” and “Link2SD”
24. We turn to “Link2SD” >> slid to find “Google PlayStore” >> Select and select “Convert to system app” >>  Now asks us to “Reboot” >> Turn off and turn on

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